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Section 336 - Baltimore Orioles Talk

Apr 21, 2019

Today on the show, we answer the rough questions like: What does Manager Hyde Do? Are the baseball's juiced?  Can you enjoy the Orioles even when they lose?  When is the appropriate time for a Bat flip? and more

Apr 16, 2019

This year has been full of both good and bad surprises, we break a few of them down today

Apr 9, 2019

Matt comes to the studio prepared with a few things to discuss.  Bert and Josh both have issues with the Orioles and the home opener 

Bryce Harper getting booed

Hess getting taken out of no hitter

Booing Chris Davis  - 2 more at bats to tie record

Drew Jackson gets DFAd in favor of Dan Straily…. What are we doing?

Apr 1, 2019

How about that, the Orioles took their first series in New York and for the first time since March 30th 2018 the Orioles are above .500.  We talk about that, make some Bold Predictions, and Charlie Hoppes checks in.

Apr 1, 2019

Section 336 Kicks off Birdland Radio talking about some expectations of the Orioles now being 1-1 plus an old friend returns.